Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas and Birthdays... Oh my!

Sorry for the delay in posting our Christmas celebration, but my IE browser was causing me a lot of grief with uploading pictures so I changed to Google Chrome... low and behold - it is working!  Shawn and Carrie and family made it here on Christmas Eve -- just in time for Santa to show up for Christmas morning. We were all so excited since they didn't come home anytime during the year! Poor Cheyenne and Blackie and L.T. and Emmy were so happy to see them!  We didn't waste anytime getting down to working and playing. We even got a little snow so we got to ride the sled behind Papa's John Deere 60. That was a blast flying over the terraces! Eric and Theresa came the day after Christmas so we got to open presents and play with cousins. So, here are just a few of our Christmas in pictures.

 Even the dogs were happy and involved with Papa's hay rack rides. Looks like the girls were having a great time too!
 Tractor rides,

and puppy and


Kassidy and her new birthday quilt. I think it matches her colorful personality with blooming character.

Kaylee turned 7 in December and loves to dance, dance, dance. She was pretty excited to get her new quilt.
And Karolyn actually helped to design her quilt. She created the horses and the quilt was totally my design.

As always, when everyone left--Papa and I were LOST! Not only us but our animals are sad too! Emmy is sulking as well as L.T. I think Cheyenne and Blackie are constantly looking for their apple treats from the kids. I am so proud of them for loving to ride. Each and everyone rode this time and LOVED it. I am a happy girl - make that a happy Nana! I have no pictures of that since I was giving the rides. Oh well, I carry it in my heart and my mind! As we ended our Christmas get together - for Bruce and I, its all about family, loving and laughing-- and not the gifts! I treasure those homemade gifts so much! Thank you kids for everything. We miss you all! Praying for a safe and healthy 2014.